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The hearts and minds of youth are full of colored, picturesque dreams about college life when they enter college. The abundance of energy which they posses has to be harnessed, channelised and nurtured. Here comes the role of the mentors. Higher education is accessible to very meager percentage of the youth in our country. Those few fortunate must be made to realize, apprehend and discern this fact so that they will have an elated sense of self esteem along with compassion, concern and consideration for the underprivileged, thus, contributing towards creating a harmonious society.


History tells us that Universities and colleges have always been the main centers of bringing about great revolutionary changes in the societal order. In India, our freedom movement also gained strength from the seats of higher education. The need of the hour is building a new social order of equal opportunities for every one without consideration of caste, creed, community, region, gender and economics status. In the past, our country was called “Sone Ki Chidiya”-a golden bird not only because of our prosperity but also our rich culture and heritage, high moral and ethical values and abundance of knowledge in all fields.


Again, in this Twenty First Century, we are on the road to prosperity with almost eight percent growth rate but it is upon the shoulders of the academic fraternity to uphold, sustain, inculcate and nourish those values. The intellectuals must undertake the responsibility of eradicating, the evils, vices and superstitions which are withholding the progress of the masses. The people living below the poverty line have to be uplifted and the living conditions be improved by giving proper health services, education, sanitation, healthy environment, security and organized civic amenities to the population. A concerted drive against the deep-rooted corrupt practices is needed. I have full faith in our youth who have to take up all these issues seriously.

May we all encourage our young minds to be filled with this nectar which education gives them as reflected in the motto of our college: "Vidya-Vindante-Amrutam".

Hitkarini Mahila Mahavidyalaya

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