Special Facilities-


Library of the college has a collection of about 35000 books. There are about 15000 text books, 20169 other books, about 245 reference books subscribed magazines, national & international journals. Library is kept open even on holidays at the time of examination for students convenience. There is an “Antique Section” in the library which displays the oldest and rare collection of books of eminent authors, this part of the library is a unique effort of our faculties which is very useful for reference purpose for researchers, scholars and educationists etc.


The oldest computer center of the city runs in the college has all the latest software & hardware, internet facility, which is accessible to all students if desired. The unique feature of the computer center is that this is not only the oldest center of the city but also is the first center of the city which accommodated the e-learners of other colleges also.


Special Coaching to minority community students-
This college has the privilege of being nominated center for giving coaching to students belonging to minority community by UGC. During summers special package was prepared by reputed scholars.


Sports center of the college is also has a health center with basic first aid facility. The Doctors are easily available at the time of need because the location of the college is such that the adjoining areas have shopping complex, market etc. in which Doctors clinic is just adjacent the college premises.  


Health Check up-
Once a year students are examined by qualified doctors. Every student is taken full care while medical examination and are guided for their fitness and made aware of diseases which are contiguous to  females in general.


The canteen is open throughout the day for students with all the desired varieties made in a clean and hygienic atmosphere.


Drinking water-
College has 24 hrs. continuous water supply with aqua guard water purifier for providing pure & clear drinking water to the students.


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